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Welcome to Bambara P & C Committee

At Bambara Primary School we have a very active P&C who organise many fundraisers throughout the year. These events not only raise vital funds for our school but also create a welcoming school community for all our students, parents and care givers to enjoy. Your involvement in the P&C is one of the best ways of being aware of school activities and what is planned to improve the Learning Environment for your child.

There are many ways of supporting the P&C however, personal involvement is one of the most appreciated. Meetings are held twice per term, dates are published on our Term Planner, Calendar, Facebook page and Skoolbag app. This is your opportunity to share your ideas. Please contact us if you would like more information by emailing us.

Executive Committee

At the P&C AGM, held in February each year, the members of the Executive Committee are elected for a term of one year. We are always looking for volunteers to help with the many events, if you have any free time please get involved. Contact us by email at bambarapandc@hotmail.com

Penny Lee
Jess Blennerhasset
Vice President
Karen Kroeger
Sebastian Dzienis


Last year the P&C raised over $8,000 which enabled us to present the school with 2 HD Multitouch screens, the first in WA! Other donations included:

  • $5,300 Computers
  • $1,000 Reading books
  • $750 Reward stickers for each classroom
  • $550 2 gazebos for sports day
  • $500 Technology and Enterprise Supplies
  • $250 Towards year 6/7 leavers’ shirts

P & C Meetings


Term 1

Meeting 1 - AGM 12 Feb 2020

12 Feb 2020

Meeting 2 - 03 Apr


Term 2

No Meetings Held


Term 3

Meeting 1 - 21 Aug


Term 4

Fundraising Meeting - 23 October

Our School

Bambara Primary School recognises and respects the traditional custodians of our school land.

'Bambara', an Aboriginal word meaning 'forest country', represents our commitment to a unification of community spirit, culture and respect for all.

Our values of community, excellence and harmony are represented by our school logo - a tree by the water.


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