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Pupil Requirements for 2023

Campion has been awarded the contract to supply the booklist items as we believe they supply quality products.

The booklist has been divided into sections;
  • Parents to supply: This includes items that cannot be purchased through Campion.
  • Recommended Items: This includes stationery items and essential workbooks.

There are items on the booklist that can be retained from previous years, if these are in good condition then they should not be re-ordered for 2023. This includes items such as the Whiteboard, Display folders etc.

Student workbooks: These items are compulsory and an integral part of your child’s learning. We request that these items are supplied at the beginning of the 2023 school year, day 1 Term 1 as they are required for educational use immediately.

Should you order your booklist through Campion on or before 9 December 2022, delivery will be free of charge.

Click on the link below to order online, our school code for this year is -



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Bambara Primary School recognises and respects the traditional custodians of our school land.

'Bambara', an Aboriginal word meaning 'forest country', represents our commitment to a unification of community spirit, culture and respect for all.

Our values of community, excellence and harmony are represented by our school logo - a tree by the water.


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