Our Core Values

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We work to build positive relations with students, colleagues, parents and the community.

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We give every child - regardless of background or position - the opportunities and skills to succeed.

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Lifelong Learning

We nurture a love of learning and knowledge in all students, preparing them for our ever-changing world.

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We encourage our students to respect diversity, be inclusive to all and strongly value their communities.

The jewel of Padbury

Our Opportunities

Our vision embodies all that the future has to offer, it aims to create a school environment which supports the development of students with strong values about self and community, students who are adaptable, with strong interpersonal and problem solving skills ready to meet the challenges of a fast paced changing world.

Educational Support & Extension Programs

Discover what the future has to offer

"Parents are invited to join me and the staff in bringing to life our school motto ‘We are the Future’.
In partnership we will work to develop a positive future for all our students by building their knowledge, skills,
attitudes and talents."

Paula Bell, Principal

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