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The Board consists of eight seats, of which four are parent members, three are staff members and one community member. The School board meets on a Thursday, once a term.

Stephen Armitage
Paula Bell
Bianca Correa
Staff Representative
Michael Prokojes
Staff Representative
Lyndsey McCarroll
Parent Representative
Jarrad Lahne
Parent Representative
Hayley Harrison
Parent Representative
John Raftis
Community Member

School Board

What is the School Board?
The aim of the School Board is to make decisions about the school’s policies and budget. Its main function is to work collaboratively to fulfill the priorities of the School Business Plan.
What does the School Board do?
In general terms, the School Board: Represents the educational needs and aspirations of students, teachers, parents/caregivers and the community. Determines school priorities in conjunction with the School Leadership Team. Assists in the formation of the School Strategic Plan in conjunction with the School Leadership Team. Monitors the allocation of resources [financial and human] to achieve the priorities set down in the School Strategic Plan. Determines level of financial contributions to be sought from parents. Determines the dress code for the school. Advises on policy matters but does not become involved in the day-to-day management of the school. The School Board meets at least once per term.
How do people join the School Board?
With the exception of the Principal, members of the School Board are elected for a period of up to three years. Parent representatives are elected to their positions by parents and carers who have their details registered on their child’s enrolment card. Please notify the Office if you would like to become a School Board Representative. Staff representatives are elected to their positions by Non-Teaching and Teaching School Staff.
How is the School Board different to the P&C?
The P&C Association has several functions: - Conducts fund raising events so that additional resources can be purchased for the school - Fosters community interest and support of educational matters and the school in general

School Board Meetings


Term 1

Meeting 1 - Week 8


Term 2

Meeting Minutes - Week 8


Term 3

Meeting Minutes - Week 8


Term 4

Meeting Minutes - Week 8

Our School

Bambara Primary School recognises and respects the traditional custodians of our school land.

'Bambara', an Aboriginal word meaning 'forest country', represents our commitment to a unification of community spirit, culture and respect for all.

Our values of community, excellence and harmony are represented by our school logo - a tree by the water.


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