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The classroom Music program at Bambara Primary School is for students from Kindy to Year 6 and develops an appreciation of music. The music professionals that deliver music lessons teach using the Kodaly and Orff methods for singing and music making. Students are provided with opportunities to sing solo, as members of a choir or vocal group. They learn to play instruments such as xylophones, drums and keyboards composing music using traditional methods or through more contemporary approaches using iPad apps such as Garage Band.

One of our Gifted and Talented students created this video of our wonderful dance program.

The school choir, comprising of students from Years 3 to 6 sing at community festivals, Commemorative Day services for the City of Joondalup, at special school events and assemblies and are a part of the One Big Voice Choir.

Talented students are offered an Instrumental Music Scholarship through the Department of Education School of Instrumental Music (SIM) for a period of two years while in Year 5 and 6. The scholarship is in Brass (trumpet) and Wind (clarinet) instruments.

SIM students and others who learn an instrument outside of the SIM program are invited to join the school Jazz band. The Bambara Primary School Jazz band occasional joins the Springfield Primary School students to form the combined Bambara and Springfield Band.

The school dance program is fast paced and meets all the requirements of the curriculum. Students learn to apply the elements of dance and choreographic skills through group processes to create dance that communicates meaning to an audience. The Dance program runs for one term and is fully funded by parents. A dance company is employed to run classes with students from Pre Primary to Year 6. A dance concert at the end of term celebrates the knowledge and skills students have developed through their participation.

Visual Arts
During the classroom Visual Arts program, students develop aesthetic, artistic and cultural appreciation of visual arts in past and contemporary contexts, both as artists and art critics. They are given opportunities to explore various techniques, materials and processes to create their own art and at times will model their work on that of great artists.

Love of Learning.

Learning how to learn.

Building positive relations with our community.

Our School

Bambara Primary School recognises and respects the traditional custodians of our school land.

'Bambara', an Aboriginal word meaning 'forest country', represents our commitment to a unification of community spirit, culture and respect for all.

Our values of community, excellence and harmony are represented by our school logo - a tree by the water.


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