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Gifted and Talented

A key aim of the Department of Education Primary Extension and Challenge program (PEAC) is to provide opportunities for academically able and talented students to flourish and build their skills and knowledge through alternate educational experiences. Year 4 students participate in PEAC testing. These tests are conducted at a school level however, selection is undertaken at a district level. It is likely that students whose test performance lies in the 98-99th percentile will be invited to participate in the PEAC program throughout Year 5 and Year 6 of primary school. To participate in PEAC, selected students are withdrawn from their normal classes and put into PEAC classes during the week.

The length and frequency of these classes varies for all the different PEAC centres however it is generally one half day per week. Specially trained teachers run the classes and the programs focus on:

  • Social interaction with gifted and talented peers.
  • Intellectual rigour and challenge.
  • Development of higher order process skills.
  • In-depth investigations of real problems.
  • Open-ended activities which encourage choice and negotiation.
  • Opportunities to interact with practising experts.
  • Self and peer evaluation and reflection on performance.
PEAC testing at Bambara is usually held in Term 2 of each year.


The school Choir is a suitable extension to the classroom music program and focuses on developing the singing skills of students in Years 3-6. Participation in the school choir is voluntary and is ideally suited to students who wish to improve their vocal skills. The choir practice is one day a week during a lunch break. The choir performs at school assemblies and community events however the choir’s participation in the One Big Voice event is an annual highlight for students and their parents.

Vocal Group

Bambara Primary School Vocal Group sings well know traditional, popular and modern songs. They perform at various school and community events. The group is made up of students from Years 4-6 who demonstrate a passion and talent for singing. Students are required to audition in order to be offered a position in the vocal group and are required to show a commitment to participation as practice is held before school.


The school Jazz Band is made up of students who love making and creating music. It was formed to combine the musical talents of students who are in the instrumental scholarship program and other students who play a musical instrument. Occasionally the Jazz Band joins instrumental students from Springfield Primary School to perform as the Combined Bambara and Springfield Primary School Band. The bands perform at assemblies and major school events.

Love of Learning.

Learning how to learn.

Building positive relations with our community.

Our School

Bambara Primary School recognises and respects the traditional custodians of our school land.

'Bambara', an Aboriginal word meaning 'forest country', represents our commitment to a unification of community spirit, culture and respect for all.

Our values of community, excellence and harmony are represented by our school logo - a tree by the water.


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