Gifted and Talented

Bambara Primary School
STEM - Robotics and Coding

STEM - Robotics and Coding

Our exciting new Academic Extension Program for gifted and talented students provides them with opportunities to explore the world of Robotics and Coding.  Students learn how to program robots through project based skills.  They work collaboratively to analyse and design the project in small groups.  STEM classes run for one term and are closely supervised by our trained staff.





A key aim of the Department of Education Primary Extension and Challenge program (PEAC) is to provide opportunities for academically able and talented student’s to flourish and build their skills and knowledge through alternate educational experiences. Year 4 students participate in PEAC testing. These tests are conducted at a school level however selection is undertaken at a district level. It is likely that students whose test performance lies in the 98-99th percentile will be invited to participate in the PEAC program throughout Year 5 and Year 6 of primary school. To participate in PEAC, selected students are withdrawn from their normal classes and put into PEAC classes during the week. The length and frequency of these classes varies for all the different PEAC centres however it is generally one half day per week. Specially trained teachers run the classes and the programs focus on:

  • Social interaction with gifted and talented peers;
  • Intellectual rigour and challenge;
  • Development of higher order process skills;
  • In-depth investigations of real problems;
  • Open-ended activities which encourage choice and negotiation;
  • Opportunities to interact with practising experts; and
  • Self and peer evaluation and reflection on performance.

PEAC testing at Bambara is usually held in Term 2 of each year.

Instrumental Music Scholarship

The Department of Education has a specialist music program through the School of Instrumental Music (SIM). Primary schools are offered programs in Strings, Brass, Woodwind or Percussion however the choice of instruments is based on the needs of the feeder high school. At Bambara a select number of Year 5 students are offered a place in the Brass or Woodwind Scholarship program.

These scholarship programs are in trumpet or clarinet. Students are taught one of these instruments in a small group setting for half an hour a week by a specialist instrumental teacher who is an accomplished musician. No fees are charged except there is a small lease fee for the hire of the instrument (see Contributions and Charges Schedule).  Students may continue these lessons in Year 6 but have to purchase their own instrument.

Instrumental Students perform as a Brass ensemble and have the opportunity to participate in a Jazz ensemble. All scholarship students are expected to be an active member of the school choir.