About Us

Bambara Primary School


Bambara Primary School is located in the north of Padbury and is one of three public primary schools in the area. It has the largest campus of all three schools and is able to boast spacious learning environments, well maintained grounds and modern facilities, providing education for students from Kindergarten to Year 6 . We are also linked with Padbury Community Kindy which operates from their own premises, separate from the school.

Visitors to our school and new families that enrol their children speak of being made to feel welcomed and special on their arrival.

Students at Bambara Primary School are friendly and caring. They have a good reputation in the community for their outstanding behaviour. When you walk around the school there is a quiet and industrious atmosphere; students work hard and enjoy the learning challenges presented. Student opinions are sought and highly valued. Consultation with students is ongoing and helps us make student centric decisions. Although a relatively small school with low student numbers our students outperformed like schools in national tests. This is an amazing feat considering that we are competing against large schools with significantly more resources, funding and staff.

The school staff is made up of a blend of long serving experienced teachers, support staff and graduates. Teachers are committed and work hard to ensure students are given every opportunity to learn. Their work is supported by skilled and caring support staff. Key features of the school is the strong mentorship program and the unique relationships that exist between teaching and support staff. Our Administration Team value the knowledge and skills of all staff and work to ensure that students, teachers and parents are provided with service excellence.

Padbury is a suburb going through a phase of renewal –there is a growth in young professional families and migrant families seeking home ownership. The much anticipated new subdivision laws, have the potential to transform the suburb and increase household wealth.

To date parent’s level of participation has been one of fundraising and providing financial support through the P&C however the change in demographics has seen a shift in the type and level of parent involvement. Parents have developed a greater voice in school decision making. The new wave of Parents that form our community have confidence and are advocates for their children.

Our leadership team, in consultation with the people who form our community created a vision for the future of Bambara Primary School as an Independent Public School. Our vision is to nurture and prepare our students in readiness for the challenges of the 21st Century