Reporting to Parents

Bambara Primary School

Parent Information Meeting

Parents are invited to an information meeting with their child’s classroom teacher during the first couple of weeks of Term 1. At these meetings the teacher will share their classroom philosophy and discuss the curriculum, classroom management plans and student expectations.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Following on from the Semester 1 Report all parents will be invited to meet with their child’s teacher to discuss achievement, progress, effort and behaviour. The meetings will be scheduled for mid-afternoon and will conclude in the evening allowing opportunities for working and non-working parents to attend. It is expected that should a student experience difficulty with their learning the classroom teacher or Learning Support Team (comprising of the School Principal, Deputy Principal, School Psychologist and Classroom Teacher) will meet with parents before the first report to discuss and plan intervention strategies. 3 Way Conference for Years 4-6 Research into what works best in raising student achievement shows that if students are involved in setting their educational expectations, then there is a likelihood that their achievements levels will increase by 144%.  Research also shows that if students receive feedback about their learning, it is likely that there will be a 70% growth in their achievement. A 3 Way Conference means that your child will be required to attend the Parent-Teacher Interview and engage in conversations and receive feedback about their level of participation, achievement, progress and the areas that need to improve.  It will be an opportunity for your child to set expectations and clearly identify the actions that will enable them to achieve their goals with your support.

Reporting to Parents

There are a number of ways that Classroom Teachers report to parents about their child’s progress and achievement. The Semester 1 and 2 reports are the formal means of reporting however student work-sample folders and learning journey evenings are some of the more informal methods.