Bambara Primary School
Medical Forms

The school’s duty of care to all students requires the maintenance of a register of student’s medical conditions. The school needs to be prepared for emergencies and should be able to provide appropriate first aid or medical assistance in any event. Parents are asked to inform the school should their child have any medical conditions and should provide the school with an updated annual Medical Plan provided by a medical practitioner.

Keeping student medical records with up to date information is mandatory for schools.

Parents are also asked to keep the school informed should there be any changes to the medical plan and should regularly check that medication left at school is current and has not expired.

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Communicable Diseases

MUMPS Return to school when medical certificate indicates child has recovered.
MEASLES Return to school when medical certificate indicates child has recovered, or at least 7 days from the appearance of the rash, if the child is well.
GERMAN MEASLES Return to school when well and no spots. ALWAYS NOTIFY THE SCHOOL.
CHICKEN POX Return to the school when scabs are healed and child is well.
IMPETIGO (school sores) Return to school when sores are healed.
WHOOPING COUGH Return to school when medical certificate indicates child has recovered.
CONJUNCTIVITIS Return to school when medically controlled and discharge from eyes has ceased.
RINGWORM Return to school when medical certificate indicates that child is no longer likely to convey the infection.
INFLUENZA Return to school when the child is feeling well.
HEAD LICE Return to school after effective treatment has been instituted and nits are removed from the hair. Family contacts will probably be infected and should be treated accordingly.

Please click here for a comprehensive guide on how to treat and eradicate head lice.


The School Dentist provides dental treatment at no cost for eligible school aged children.  Specialist treatment is not available.

The School Dentist is based on grounds at Padbury Primary School.  Appointments will be sent home with your child.  For emergencies, parents may contact the School Dentist directly on 9401 7285.


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